Dermaderm HD-77 Shampoo Against Hair Loss 250 ml


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DERMADERM AGAINST HAIR LOSS HD-77 SHAMPOO 300 Ml. Dermaderm HD-77 Anti-Hair Loss Shampoo activates blood circulation in hair follicles. Dermaderm Shampoo is produced from Keratin Protein. Keratin forms the building block of hair. It prevents hair loss. Thanks to the peptides that support hair formation, it makes the hair look thicker and fuller. It cares for weak hair, protects and nourishes hair against hair loss. This product, specially developed in Dermaderm Laboratories against hair loss, achieved a success rate of 90% in 1-month usage tests. It gives the vitamins and minerals necessary for hair growth to the hair and supports your healthy hair growth.

Dermaderm HD-77 Shampoo provides herbal solution against hair loss when used regularly. It activates the shed and thin hair follicles and makes them become productive again. Thanks to the laurel extract, which is rich in vitamins and minerals, it gives health, vitality and resistance to the hair. It is produced from 100% natural KERATIN Protein. It is produced from 100% vegetable origin raw materials. Those who have hair transplantation can use it safely. It supports the development of new hair follicles planted. It prevents hair loss by nourishing the hair. It helps the hair to gain a fuller appearance. With a pH value of 5, it is suitable for the scalp and skin and supports the healthy development of hair. It nourishes the hair from root to tip and helps new hair formation. Dermatological tests are performed by CHELAB Italy Laboratories.

Why Should I Use Dermaderm HD-77 Shampoo:

Dermaderm HD-77 Shampoo prevents hair loss thanks to the vitamins and plant extracts it contains. It makes it resistant to hair loss.

Using Dermaderm HD-77 Shampoo: Apply sufficient amount of Laurel Shampoo to wet scalp by massaging, then rinse. Repeat the same method and leave it for 2-3 minutes. So the ingredients in the Keratin protein will penetrate the scalp. Finally, rinse your hair with plenty of water.

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