NETBOX Nature Friendly Wet Bucket Wipes Wet Cleaning Cloths 300 Sheets NETBOX CLEAN Natural WET WIPES


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NETBOX Nature-Friendly Wet Bucket Wipes Wet Cleaning Wipes 300 Sheets NETBOX CLEAN NATURAL WET WIPES Advantages ? You save valuable time ? You can reuse cloths ? In these days when we need cleaning for health the most, nature-friendly NETBOX wet wipes support you. Wipes Features ? Leaves a clean and fresh scent in your home in minutes ? Alcohol based ? Thick and absorbent ? Made of 40% cellulose, 30% viscose and 30% polyester, it does not leave any traces ? Suitable for all surfaces ? Practical, useful and durable ? Used on mats ( On the Rosmanin disposable mat) ? Does not leave any marks on the windows ? Provides good cleaning. Usage areas ? At homes ? Offices, common living areas ? Hospitals, polyclinics, doctors’ offices, aesthetic centers ? Beauty salons, Men’s and women’s hairdressers ? Educational institutions, kindergartens, ? Restaurants, cafes ? Hotel establishments, gyms Cover color may vary.

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