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Wooden Plane Assorted

Wooden flight Assorted Wooden flight children and toys are an inseparable duo. Children develop their imagination and daily living skills while playing. Playing games is also used as a therapy method in children. The fact that toys, which occupy such an important place in children’s lives, are produced from natural materials, has a very important place in terms of children’s health. Wooden will be a safe playmate for both boys and girls. Our wooden wooden toy, which has different color and model options, will add different colors to the colorful imagination of children and increase their daily life skills. Wooden Plane Features The wooden plane, which is a candidate to be the child’s closest friend, is produced from 100% beech wood.

The wooden blade, whose design is patented, has antibacterial properties thanks to its natural content. The dyes used on the toy drink are completely water-based and odorless. In this way, the wooden boy will have a playmate that he can play with safely. The toy has no rough surfaces and no sharp corners. This means that the child can play with confidence, even alone.

Our wooden wooden toy has color options. All paints used in toys have ISO certificate. These certified laces have been carefully selected for the health of children and have completely harmless ingredients. Plastic toys available in the market are not suitable for children’s health. Children spend almost 5 hours a day playing games. Although this period may vary, the eyes are drawn on how big a place toys occupy in children’s lives. The wooden handle is completely handmade, so minor mistakes that can be missed are kept to a minimum.

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