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Wooden Training Truck Colorful

Wooden Training Truck Colorful games for children are an indispensable pastime. Their games are colorful toys. The materials of the toys, in which children spend most of their days, are very important. The safest material used in the toy industry is wood. Our wooden education truck toy is made of 100% beech wood. Thanks to its natural content, the wooden education truck wins the trust of the parents while filling the imaginations of the children. The wooden training truck, which has different color alternatives, consists of different geometric shapes. Our toy, which also contributes to the development of children while playing games, has anti-allergic and antibacterial properties. Wooden Training Truck Features Our wooden wooden training truck toy is made of beech wood. The paints used in our toy, which has a completely natural content, also have anti-allergic properties.

The paints we use for all our toys have ISO certificate. Our water-based paints keep the health of children safe due to their natural content. Consisting of colorful pieces, the wooden wooden eGimation truck is in the dimensions of 28?12?15. Our toy is completely free from rough surfaces. In this way, injuries that may occur during the game are reduced to zero. Since all of our products are handmade, the problems that may arise in this regard are at a minimum level. Wooden Training Truck Colored has 2 different color options.

Parents can also choose the Natural Wooden Training Truck Colored if they wish. The paints used in the colored Wooden Training Truck Colored have completely natural ingredients. Water-based paints are also odorless and harmless to health. The training truck develops different daily life skills of children in different age groups, but also contributes to their motor development.

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