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Provide your skin with the intense and nourishing care it needs with BEE’O APICARE SOS Intensive Care Cream! While the propolis, olive oil, raw honey and royal jelly in it play a restorative role; With its mineral zinc, B5 and E vitamins, it provides the intense moisture care that your skin needs. Dermatologically tested. Paraben, GMO and colorant free. Suitable for sensitive skin, hypoallergenic. This product is halal certified. With its repairing and protective natural formula, it provides the intense moisture that the skin needs. It has been produced using organic certified bee products, based on the principles of good beekeeping practices, with a contracted beekeeping model. The formulas of all our products are developed in our R&D center, they are all 100% natural and patented and also all GMP, ISO 9000, ISO 22000, BRC, Packaged in our facilities with IFS and ISO 14001 safe production certificates. Active Ingredients: Patented Pure Anatolian propolis, Royal Jelly, Vitamins B5 and E, Raw honey, Hyaluronic acid, Mineral Zinc, Olive oil Royal Jelly: It is a valuable bee product secreted by bees from their own bodies. Royal jelly is the food of brood and queen bees. With its rich nutritional composition, it deeply moisturizes the skin while providing intensive care. Royal jelly, which supports the synthesis of collagen in the skin, helps the skin to look more flexible and lively in regular use. Patented BEE’O Pure Anatolian Propolis: Propolis, which has a high antioxidant effect, provides the cleaning of the skin barrier, while nourishing the skin and protecting the moisture balance. Vitamin E: Strengthens the skin’s natural protective barrier, supports its regeneration and provides intense moisture. Protects the skin against aging. Mineral Zinc: Zinc mineral, which supports cell regeneration, removes skin blemishes. Usage Suggestion: You can apply it to your skin whenever you need it. It is suitable for use on sensitive skin.

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