Bioxcin Gold on Skin Dry Oil


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It moisturizes, nourishes and adds shine to your skin with the miraculous flower oils and moisturizing actives it contains. It makes the hair soft and shiny. It offers a soft and glowing skin experience all day long with its exotic scent and easily absorbed, non-greasy texture. Formulated with 90% naturally sourced ingredients. Contains jasmine flower oil, magnolia flower oil, honeysuckle flower oil, calendula oil (medicinal calendula), vitamin E, coconut oil. It leaves a pleasant scent on your skin with its monoi scent. It does not contain paraben. INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE Bioxcin Gold On Skin Body Oil – Gold-Bronze shiny dry oil is suitable for use on hair and skin. While it moisturizes and nourishes your hair and skin, it provides a perfume effect with its pleasant scent and gives a shiny appearance and shine. While its shine remains, it is absorbed without weighing down your skin. Take some oil in your hand and gently apply it to the area you want to apply. You will see that the brightness increases with the light effect. It is suitable for reuse throughout the day upon request. Product Information Content: Sunflower Oil: Helps strengthen the skin barrier and reduce moisture loss. It has antibacterial properties. Jasmine Flower Oil (Jasminum Sambac Flower Oil): Supports a younger skin appearance with its anti-oxidant properties. Magnolia Flower Oil (Magnolia Grandiflora Flower Extract): It has anti-oxidant properties. Honeysuckle Flower Oil (Lonicera Japonica Flower Extract): Supports a bright appearance on the skin. Calendula Oil (Medical Narcissus Calendula Officinalis Flower Extract): It has a moisturizing effect. Coconut Oil: Provides intense moisturizing to the skin and reduces skin water loss. Usage A sufficient amount of oil can be applied to the body, face and hair. It should be shaken before use. Clinical Studies

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