Canfeza Sezgin Burdock Root (Burdock) Extract 60 tablets


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Canfeza Sezgin Burdock Root Extract 60 tablets WE PRODUCED BURDOCK ROOT (Burdock Root) EXTRACT WITH ITS FITONATURAL QUALITY AND ASSURANCE FOR YOU… Licensed Net Amount: 60 Capsules /640 mg Contents: Burdock Extract ( Arctium majus ) Gelatin Capsule Usage: For adults, it is recommended to use 1 capsule 2 times a day before the meal. Supplementary Food Approval No:007686-13.05.2020 Recommended daily use Do not exceed. Supplementary foods do not replace normal nutrition. It is not medicine. It does not provide prevention or treatment of diseases.

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Bu alan güncellenecektir.

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