Dermaderm Argan Oil Extracted Hair Care Shampoo 300 ml


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Dermaderm Hair Care Shampoo with Argan Oil Extract 300 ml Keratin is the protein that forms the building block of hair. It keeps hair cells together and increases their resistance. It provides moisture balance. Dermaderm Keratin and Argan Oil Essence Shampoo nourishes the hair from root to tip and creates a protective shield for the hair strands. It cares for excessively worn, broken and spilled hair. It prevents hair loss due to breakage and lifelessness. It removes the dead cells accumulated in the hair. Repairs hair from the inside out. The effectiveness tests of Dermaderm shampoo were carried out by the Italian company CHELAB. Biotin Vitamin B8 plays a very important role in hair care, increases the strength and resistance of hair.

Dermaderm Argan Oil Shampoo thickens and strengthens the hair strands thanks to the biotin vitamin it contains. It regulates the moisture balance of the hair and makes the hair look lively and shiny. What Does Argan and Keratin Treatment Do? Keratin forms a protective shield against the hair fiber by covering the flakes on the hair fiber and provides protection against environmental factors. Your hair regains its old healthy structure with spectacular results that can be seen and felt. It repairs damage, repairs the hair from the inside out and penetrates the hair cell to strengthen it. It helps the hair to remove dead cells and gives smoothness and softness to the hair surface. It nourishes the hair by providing the moisture it needs and helps the skin to gain a silky softness after the procedure.

Benefits of Dermaderm Argan Oil and Keratin Shampoo for Hair; It makes the hair look healthier and brighter. It strengthens the hair and prevents hair loss. It gives the hair the vitamins that the hair needs. It nourishes the hair. It regulates the moisture balance of the hair. It provides ease of combing to the hair. Repairs broken ends. It makes the hair look fuller and voluminous. Repairs hair damaged by dye, highlighting and chemical treatments. Free of salt, paraben and SLS. With a pH value of 5, it is suitable for the scalp and skin and supports the healthy development of hair.

Usage of Dermaderm Argan Oil and Keratin Shampoo: Apply sufficient amount of Dermaderm Argan Oil and Keratin Shampoo to wet scalp by massaging, then rinse. Repeat the same method and leave it for 2-3 minutes. So the Keratin protein will penetrate the scalp. Finally, rinse your hair with plenty of water.

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