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Dermaderm Spot Remover Day Cream is produced with Arbutin and plant extracts that prevent spot formation. It is generally used in the summer months to remove the spots caused by the effect of the sun. Skin spots occur for many reasons such as inadequate and wrong diet, our genetic characteristics, weather conditions (excessive exposure to sun and air pollution), use of hormone drugs and so on. Cells called Melanin give the skin its color. Melanin is formed from the amino acid tyrosine. Melanin is found in the epidermis layer of our skin, it gives the skin an even and natural color. However, due to the reasons mentioned above and especially the harmful effects of the sun, the balance of melanin in the skin is disturbed, more color cells are formed in some parts of the skin, therefore darkening occurs in some parts of the skin. Especially the cheek spots occur on the upper lip and forehead area. Melasma is the medical name given to cosmetic-type skin spots. Dermaderm Blemish Cream removes stains in a short time thanks to Arbutin and plant-based stain removing raw materials.

It prevents the formation of new stains. Dermaderm Blemish Cream consists of two products. Night Spot Cream contains 3% Arbutin and pure plant extracts, it is used to remove melasma, age spots, freckles, birthmarks and hormonal spots by applying to the skin at night before going to bed. It is produced from 100% natural plant extracts. Daytime Dermaderm Spot Remover Cream It is used in the morning to remove skin spots. Arbutin contains plant extracts and sun filters. It has SPF +50 protection factor and contains UVA and UVB sun protection filters that prevent the formation of stains on the skin. It prevents the sun from disturbing the skin’s melanin balance. When used together with Night and Day Dermaderm Spot Cream, it gives full results in the formation of stains and removal of the formed spots. Conditions Used for Dermaderm Blemish Cream: It is used to remove the spots caused by the sun, hormonal disorders, aging and other reasons, To protect the skin from the harmful effects of the sun, To give the skin a pure and natural appearance, To protect the natural moisture balance of the skin.

How to Use Dermaderm Blemish Creams?

Dermaderm Night Spot Cream: It is applied with fingertips to the spots on clean skin, preferably before going to bed at night. Not wiped, not rinsed. Dermaderm Day Cream: It is applied to the blemished or entire face area in the morning and is not rinsed. Protects the skin against blemishes throughout the day. It should be reapplied after excessive sweating and swimming. It is applied 15 minutes before sun exposure in summer and needs to be repeated every 6 hours. Important Note: For this product to be effective on stains, Night and Day Cream must be used together.

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