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Dermaderm Wrinkle Remover Cream has been developed to eliminate the visible signs of aging. It nourishes and moisturizes dry and moist skin. It helps to protect the collagen protein, which makes the skin look tighter. It is very rich in vitamin E and minerals. Dermaderm Wrinkle Remover Cream moisturizes and softens the skin. Jajoba oil is very rich in vitamin E and omega acids. This oil, which is the most valuable among liquid oils, is very thin in terms of its molecular structure, so it is immediately absorbed by the skin and prevents wrinkles. It maintains the moisture balance of the skin. Due to its high linoleic acid ratio, it balances excessive oiliness on the skin. Its antioxidant value is very high, it protects the skin from the damage of free radicals. Thanks to the acetyl hexapeptide contained in Dermaderm Wrinkle Remover Cream, it prevents water loss of the skin and makes the skin look more lively. The snail extract in its formula is effective against premature aging, increases the elasticity of the skin, so that the skin looks more taut. It increases the regeneration rate of skin cells, rapidly regenerating cells allow you to have a younger, brighter and clearer skin.

Dermaderm Wrinkle Remover Cream efficacy tests were performed by CHELAB. Makes the skin look bright and lively, Contains Purified Argan Oil, Acetyl hexapeptide moisturizes the skin 10 times more than ordinary products, Contains Snail extract, accelerates cell renewal, Helps to remove wrinkles, Does not contain chemical moisturizers, Increases the amount of collagen in the skin, It provides pure and natural care to the skin.

Usage: It is applied to the skin with fingertips in the evening before going to bed to moisturize the skin and remove wrinkles. Does not require rinsing.

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