Elose Vitamin C Serum


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Vitamin C with antioxidant effect; It helps to reduce the dull and tired appearance of your skin and make it shine. Thanks to its 10% concentrated vitamin C content, it helps to reduce fine lines by filling them. It takes care of the wrinkles that occur as a result of loss of elasticity due to environmental factors and aging. elose Vitamin C Serum; While the Hyaluronic Acid in its formula provides an illuminating solution, it reduces the appearance of wrinkles with its other active content and provides a lively skin. elose Vitamin C Serum offers the power of vitamin C in high concentration, helping to brighten your skin and even out its color tone. From the first use, it makes you feel the positive changes in the appearance of the skin. When elose Vitamin C Serum is used regularly, the result is; elastic, timeless, lively, It is a smooth and even toned skin appearance. How to use? elose Vitamin C Serum is applied to clean skin, excluding the eye area. It can be used twice a day. It can be used on clean skin at night and before applying make-up during the day. It is normal to feel a temperature increase on the face after the serum is applied. Do not drink, contact with eyes should be avoided. It is stored at room temperature. It is not medicine. Dermatologically tested.

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