Fiyto Ginseng Extract Shampoo 500 ml + Hair Serum 75 ml


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Fiyto Ginseng Extract Shampoo, with its ginseng extract, activates blood circulation in the hair follicles. It cares for shed and weak hair, protects and nourishes hair against hair loss. It makes hair grow 4 times faster. This product, specially developed in Dermaderm Laboratories against hair loss, achieved a success rate of 90% in 1-month usage tests. It gives the vitamins and minerals necessary for hair growth to the hair and supports your healthy hair growth. Fiyto Ginseng Extract Shampoo, when used regularly, accelerates hair growth and reconstructs weak, lifeless and non-growing hair. It activates the shed and thin hair follicles and makes them become productive again. Health to hair thanks to ginseng extract, which is rich in vitamins and minerals, It gives vitality and resilience. It is produced from 100% vegetable origin raw materials. Those who have hair transplantation can use it safely. It supports the development of new hair follicles planted. It prevents hair loss by nourishing the hair. It helps the hair to gain a fuller appearance. It makes your hair grow fast. With a pH value of 5, it is suitable for the scalp and skin and supports the healthy development of hair. Dermatological tests are performed by CHELAB Italy Laboratories. Use of Ginseng Extract Shampoo: Apply sufficient amount of Fiyto Shampoo to wet scalp by massaging, then rinse. Repeat the same method and leave it for 2-3 minutes. So the ingredients in the ginseng extract will penetrate the scalp. Finally, rinse your hair with plenty of water. In order to see the effect of Fiyto Ginseng Extract shampoo, use it together with herbal lotion against hair loss. Use of Gift Serum (Lotion): Fiyto Hair Serum can be rinsed or not rinsed if desired. Both uses are described below. Rinseable Usage: Sufficient amount of Fiyto Hair Lotion is applied to the scalp by massaging with fingertips 20 minutes before taking a bath. The hair lotion is rinsed off after waiting for 20 minutes on the scalp. For the product to be effective, it is recommended to be applied every 2 days. Non-Rinse Usage: Sufficient amount of Fiyto Hair Lotion is taken in the palm of the hand and massaged into the scalp. It does not require rinsing. It does not create oiliness and pollution on the hair, and then the hair is dried naturally or with the help of a blow dryer. When used daily, it protects the hair against hair loss. Why Should I Use Ginseng Extract Shampoo: Fiyto Ginseng Extract Shampoo prevents hair loss thanks to the vitamins and plant extracts it contains. It allows weak and non-growing hair to grow faster.

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