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Humana Still Tee Tea for Nursing Mothers Economic Package Features: Humana Still Tee, which is specially formulated to increase breast milk, increases the amount of milk during the breastfeeding process. After the clinical studies, it was observed that the milk of mothers who used Humana Still Tee increased by two cards compared to those who did not use it. It is produced from plants with galactogogue properties such as goat’s rue, fennel, lemongrass, and fenugreek. It should be used regularly to increase the amount of milk. It strengthens the components of breast milk and contributes to the growth of babies. Using it right after birth reduces gas formation and helps the uterus to return to its original state. It is low calorie and 100% herbal, does not contain additives. To prepare it, it is sufficient to mix it with water, there is no need to brew. Contains vitamin C. It can be consumed cold, warm or hot. It does not contain dyes, flavors and additives. 4 boxes for the price of 3 boxes. It should be stored in a cool and dry place. The box remains fresh for two months after opening. Humana Still Tee Instant Tea for Nursing Mothers Humana Still Tee is a tea blend consisting of herbs and vitamin C. It is in granular form. It does not contain gluten. Storage Conditions: Store in a cool and dry place. Package Contents: 4 pcs. Contents: Sucrose, maltodextrin, okra flower extract, vitamin C, raspberry leaf extract, lemongrass extract, fennel extract, roibos extract, fenugreek extract, marigold extract, fennel oil. It is the ratio of the amount in a serving meeting the Nutritional Reference Value. One portion: 9g/200 ml Number of portions: 22 portions Preparation Instructions: Pour 200 ml of water into a cup or water glass, add 2 heaping dessert spoons (9g) of Still Tee and mix. It can be consumed hot, cold or lukewarm, depending on demand. No need to add sugar. Usage Information: It is recommended to consume 3/4 glass of water a day. The opened box should be consumed within two months. See bottom of box for Recommended Consumption Date (TETT) and batch number.

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