Korkmaz Duplo Round 28 cm Black Lid Pan A1427


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Diameter: 28 cm Top height: 3 cm Bottom height: 5 cm Energy-saving aluminum cast body with high heat conduction Cooking without producing toxic gases (does not contain PFOA, cadium or lead) Possibility of using it as two separate pans High temperature resistant, removable and cleanable silicone gasket Magnetic locking system that provides steam outlet from a single point. Granite-looking PTFE coating with excellent non-stick properties on interior and exterior surfaces. Extra resistance and strength to scratches. High heat-resistant bakelite handle. Produced from recyclable, completely natural material, with environmentally friendly technology. Duplo is extra scratch-resistant, with a granite look. It prepares delicious meals using very little oil and inner and outer coating. Thanks to its double-sided lids, a single turning movement is enough to cook fish, chicken, meat and fries. Note: Spare gasket is provided.

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Bu alan güncellenecektir.

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