Korkmaz ?intemani Rosagold Teapot Set 2 lt A213


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Dimensions: Teapot Volume: 1.1 lt Bottom Volume: 2 lt 18/10 Cr-Ni stainless steel Three layers of capsule base 140 mm wide base surface Carefully polished outer surfaces that preserve their shine Solar Base base system that provides the highest heat transfer on all types of stoves, including induction It provides maximum time and energy savings. Ergonomic and hand-friendly stainless steel handle A continuation chain, ?intemani… ?intemani, which was considered the symbol of power during the Ottoman Empire, is a motif that includes three spiritual features. ?intemani, which we also encounter in Eastern philosophy, is a chain of continuation that draws people in. It is formed by three circles symbolizing the Eye of the Heart, the Eye of the Mind and the Eye of the World, drawing crescents from outside to inside. These eyes, each of which does not interfere with the other, express a harmonious view of life.

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