Korkmaz Proline Satin Milk Cup 0.5 Lt A298


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0.5 liters Super capsule base that provides homogeneous heat conduction Ergonomic, hand-free, specially safe stainless steel handles Oil-free cooking technique Heat-trapping technology Long-term temperature retention Healthy storage Specially cut aluminum surfaces on the steel capsule base create extra efficiency in heat conduction. In this way, it saves time and energy. Before first use, clean with hot water and dishwashing detergent. Do not leave it on the stove for a long time without water, oil or food inside. Do not use hard metal brushes during cleaning. It can be cleaned in the dishwasher. Whether you are a chef working in a world-famous restaurant or someone who loves to cook in the kitchen at home… Proline turns everyone who steps into its kitchen into a professional chef. Offering easy solutions even under the most challenging usage conditions, Proline provides the highest heat transfer on the stove with its solarbase base system and allows you to easily hold and move quickly with its ergonomic handles.

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