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Themra LEMON OIL EXTRACT CREAM The product named Lemon Oil Essence Cream is in the category of best-selling organic vegetable oils. It is among the first choices of those who want to use 100 percent vegetable and organic oils. The locally produced Lemon Oil Extract Cream does not contain chemicals. It contains lemon oil, petroleum jelly, sesame oil, orange oil, lily oil, peppermint oil, wheat oil, jasmine oil, flax oil, almond oil, anise, fennel oil, rosemary oil, lavender oil and jojoba oil. All these vegetable oils increase the benefits of this product. Themra Lemon Oil Extracted Cream Benefits Among the benefits of Lemon Oil Extracted Cream, it is known to be good for the problem of cellulite. Lemon Oil Extract Cream, which is used externally on cellulite skin, should be stored in places that are not exposed to sunlight and are not humid. This product is applied by massaging the cellulite area.

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