Okiro Biotin and Keratin Anti-Hair Loss Lotion 250 Ml.


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Okiro Biotin and Keratin Anti-Hair Loss Lotion 250ml Okiro Anti-Hair Loss Lotion is produced by using plant extracts, vitamins and minerals to prevent hair loss for men and women. It prevents seasonal, hormonal and genetic hair loss. It effectively controls hair loss that occurs due to malnutrition and seasonal changes. It nourishes the hair from root to tip and eliminates the bad environment in the skin. It eliminates the damage of chemical-containing shampoo, gel and other cosmetic products to the hair. It makes the hair lively and strong. It prolongs the life of the hair. It can be used safely in male and female type hair loss. When applied after hair transplantation in patients who have undergone hair transplantation, it ensures that the newly planted hair is strong and resistant. It adds volume to the hair. It provides the necessary vitamin, mineral and protein support to the hair follicles that fall out due to wrong eating habits. It prolongs the life of hair shedding due to genetic reasons and delays their shedding. Thanks to the keratin, biotin, panthenol and niacin contained in Okiro Herbal Lotion, it nourishes weak hair and cares for the hair from root to tip. It cares for hair that has been damaged by blow-drying, dyeing and bleaching processes, and protects the hair against breakage and shedding. It has a mesotherapy effect on the hair. It is produced from 100% herbal raw materials. Provides herbal protection against hair loss. 1. Prevents hair loss, 2. Nourishes and revitalizes weak and weak hair, 3. Provides necessary vitamin and mineral support to hair follicles, 4. Repairs shedding hair, 5. Effective in seasonal hair loss, 6. Prevents hair from greasing, 7. It supports against the formation of dandruff. Okiro (Lotion) Usage: A sufficient amount of Okiro Hair Lotion is applied to the hair by spraying, massaged into the scalp, and does not require rinsing. It does not create oiliness and pollution on the hair, and then the hair is dried naturally or with the help of a blow dryer. When used daily, it protects the hair against hair loss.

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