Okiro Keratin Care Salt Free Shampoo 1000 Ml.


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OK?RO KERATIN CARE SALT-FREE SHAMPOO 1000 ML. Okiro Keratin Care Shampoo contains keratin protein. It is produced from nano keratin protein so that the keratin protein can penetrate the hair better. It loads the hair with Keratin and gives vitality. Our hair consists of 19 different amino acid components. Keratin enables the sulfur mineral, which holds the cells in the hair together, to bind to each other more tightly. A healthy hair consists of 89% Keratin, 8% moisture and 3% minerals. The bleaching and dyeing processes applied to the hair disrupt the moisture and keratin balance of the hair and cause the hair to thin and break. Okiro Keratin Care Shampoo cares for the hair and reconstructs the keratin balance damaged by chemical processes, as a result, you have healthier and more vibrant hair. Highlighting and lightening processes upset the moisture balance in the hair, the hair dries out and takes on a bushy appearance, thanks to the Okiro 10X shampoo that provides protection, the keratin gaps in the hair are filled. The keratin used in Okiro products is nano (the lowest micron value) keratin, so it is immediately absorbed by the hair and its effects are seen on the hair immediately after application. Benefits of Okiro Keratin Loading Shampoo: It protects the hair strands from the damage of bleaching and dyeing processes. It loads keratin and biotin on the hair strands and protects them against breakage. Provides paint protection. Protects hair from harmful UVA and UVB rays of the sun. It moisturizes the hair. It gives shine to the hair. It allows the hair to be opened easily. Prevents split ends. It provides ease of scanning. It provides silky softness to the hair. Usage of Okiro Keratin Care Shampoo: Shampoo is taken in the palm of the hand in an amount that will foam the hair. Hair is lathered and rinsed. The same process is applied for the second time, but this time the hair is left for 2 minutes without rinsing. For the best results, we recommend using it together with Okiro Keratin Care Conditioner and Keratin Care serum.

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