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VEBOX Easy Wet Wipes Wet Bucket Wipes Along with the changing understanding of cleaning and hygiene in today’s conditions, the cleaning and hygiene products used now have also changed and become compatible with caG. Thanks to accelerating technology, processes that used to take hours are now reduced to minutes or even seconds. Here, Vebox Easy Wet Wipes wipes both shorten the cleaning times that people do with hours and effort, and make you get tired much less. Why should I use Vebox Easy Wet Wipes? ? To save water, which is a vital precaution for us today and in the future. ?In order to shorten the cleaning times and to use the time more efficiently in the busy day and busy life pace. ?To provide real hygiene on surfaces and floors. What are the Features of Vebox Easy wet Wipes? ?Outer Back is larger and wider than wet wipes. ?Compared to ordinary wet wipes, it is thicker and the cotton rate is much higher. ? Does not require rinsing thanks to the solution inside. It does not contain abrasive and irritating chemicals. Thanks to its 300 and 500 options, it provides both financial savings and long-term use. ?Vebox Easy wet Wipes Wipes cover Gi does not dry regardless of the time it is kept closed. Unlike other wet wipes, it can be used easily on all glossy surfaces. (Except TV panels) ?It can be used easily on all kinds of surfaces you can think of, if it is not too dirty, it can be used repeatedly to wash and dust. It has a fresh scent. In the environments where cleaning is done, the fresh Gi makes a difference in the first use. It has high suction S power. When it is squeezed and used, it removes the wetness on the surface to a great extent. AREAS OF USAGE: HOSPITALS, POLYCLINICS, EXERCISE, AESTHETIC CENTERS, BEAUTY ROOMS, EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTIONS, KINDERGARTEN, RESTAURANT, HOTEL MANAGEMENTS, GYM ROOMS, FEMALE-FEMALE Hairdresser’s, JUNIOR AND GIRLS SUITABLE FOR ALL SURFACES WHERE HYGIENE IS IMPORTANT IN HOME AND WORKPLACES. SUITABLE FOR ALL SURFACES WHERE HYGIENE IS IMPORTANT IN HOME AND WORKPLACES.

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