Wooden Round Tower Colorful


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Wooden Round Tower Colorful

Wooden Round Tower Colorful Toys have an important place in children’s lives. Children who spend most of the day with toys acquire many new skills and expand their imaginations while playing games. It is very important for the health of children that the toys that children spend a long time with are made of natural materials. The tower toy, which has an important place in terms of children’s mental development, is a natural toy made of 100% beech wood. The wooden wooden round tower, which will make both parents and children happy, will attract the attention of children thanks to its color and will contribute to the development of children during the game.

Wooden Round Tower Features Wooden round tower made of 100% beech wood; It has both color and natural and black and white color options. The paints used in the wooden wooden tower and in all our other wooden wooden toys are completely water-based. Our paints, which are odorless and do not endanger children’s health in any way, are ISO certified. The Wood Handle round tower is a completely handmade product. In this way, the problems that may occur in the product are minimized.

The surface of the toy is sanded and is in a smooth shape. This eliminates the problems that may occur during the game. Our toys, which have completely natural ingredients, have antibacterial properties. In this case, while the children play their games with pleasure, their health is also safe. Wooden Round Tower Colorful has 21×11 Dimensions. While our locally produced toys gain the trust of parents, they also support children’s daily life skills and motor development.

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