Damask Antibacterial Set of 4 50×90 cm Hand & Face Towels

Turkish Bath Towels


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Damask Antibacterial 4 pcs 50×90 cm Hand & Face Towel Set Damask Antibacterial 4 Pcs 50×90 cm Hand & Face Towel Set Package Contents: 4 Pcs 50×90 cm Hand & Face Towels [100% cotton] Our towels are woven with selected, long fiber cotton yarns obtained from Anatolian soils, extra soft it has a structure. You will have an even softer towel after each wash. [Dries fast] Our towels, which have the ability to trap water up to 20 times their weight, spread the liquid over the entire surface when they come into contact with water, as required by the weaving technique, and the liquid starts to evaporate rapidly. [Environmentally friendly] cotton threads dyed with environmentally friendly dyes do not harm the environment. https://herbaleros.com/shop/ https://www.facebook.com/herbalerosonline/

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