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Humana Still-Tee Tea for Nursing Mothers 200 gr Humana Still-Tee Ready for Breastfeeding Mothers! Humana Still-Tee is a tea blend consisting of herbs and vitamin C. It is in granular form. It does not contain gluten. It does not contain artificial flavors, colorants and preservatives. Ingredients: Sucrose, maltodextrin, okra flower extract, vitamin C, raspberry leaf extract, lemongrass extract, fennel extract, rooibos extract, fenugreek extract, goat psoriasis extract, fennel oil. It is the ratio of the amount in a serving meeting the Nutritional Reference Value. One portion: 9g/200ml Number of portions: 22 portions Preparation Instructions: Pour 200 ml of water into a cup or water glass, add 2 heaping dessert spoons (9g) of Still-Tee and mix. It can be consumed hot, cold or lukewarm, depending on demand. No need to add sugar. Usage Information: It is recommended to consume 3-4 glasses of water a day. The opened box should be consumed within two months. See bottom of box for Recommended Consumption Date (TETT) and batch number. Storage Conditions: Store in a cool and dry place.

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